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About Jason Tonioli

Jason’s career started as a banker and marketing director for one of the largest community banks in Utah. After 12 years in the banking industry he left to start a consulting and software company that he was able to grow into one of the most successful marketing/compliance fin-tech startups in the country. .

After five years of running those businesses and working with hundreds of banks and credit unions, he was able to exit the software world dedicate more time to music.

With long time friend Chuck e Meyers he worked to establish Aingeal Music Worldwide, LLC with the goal of helping artists to have an alternative to the large record labels but bring the expertise of experienced composers, producers and recording artists to a place that could provide support to help new artists be more successful.

Our goal is to give back to the music community and help make it easier for people to have a great, affordable option to work with incredibly talented people while retaining a much higher percentage of their future revenue.

Jason is also a well known New-Age recording artist that has published 9 piano solo books, 9 full length albums and several singles. He has also collaborated with many artists such as Alex Sharpe, Lynn Hilary, CaraNua, John Knudson (Violin/Viola) and Elizabeth Urie (Flute).

Jason also is CEO of Amazing Vactions USA and Amazing Vacations Costa Rica which offer travel services primary to Costa Rica.