Enjoy the beautiful unique Celtic voices of CaraNua. Enjoy the harmony and strength of these three voices coming together as one.

About CaraNua

CaraNua are a joining of the stunning and unique voices of former soloists from Celtic Woman Alex Sharpe and Lynn Hilary along with Lisa Nolan to bring you beautifully crafted original compositions inspired by their Celtic heritage. Delivered with breathtaking ethereal harmonies complimented by Celtic and world instruments to create a unique cinematic sound that is captivating and haunting.

​Our name CaraNua is Irish/Gaelic for ‘New Friend’. The name embodies the formation of CaraNua as a new group of friends coming together from previous working relationships. The name is also highly representative of the relationships past, present and future that will be forged through the music between the growing ensemble, those they will work with professionally and the audience as they continue this new and exciting journey together.
“When you connect with a new song it becomes like a new friend.” (Lynn Hilary)

The Triskele or Goddess Spiral featured in the logo is a pre-Celtic symbol found on the stones in and around the circa 5,000-year-old Neolithic burial tomb of Newgrange in Ireland.
The symbol has many representations based around the unity and power of three such as the worlds, past, present and future or The Otherworld, The Mortal World and the Celestial World and the elements of Air, Fire and Water.
It can often be seen represented in three different colours, gold, sliver and copper, as in the CaraNua Logo.

For CaraNua the symbol represents the harmony and strength of three voices coming together as one.